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Adding Cameras to Watcher by Using Agent

This section describes how to add cameras to the Watcher, if Agent is used (it is installed on cameras or on a device in the same local network with cameras).

If Agent is installed on a camera, it adds itself and the camera to Watcher. If Agent is installed on a device in a local network with cameras, then you will need to add the cameras manually.

On this page:

Adding a camera with Agent to Watcher

If Agent is installed on a camera, the camera will be added to Watcher automatically.

Adding cameras located in a network with Agent to Watcher

You have installed Agent on a Raspberry Pi device or a router. Now you can connect cameras to a external Watcher server in the Internet with the help of this Agent.

To add cameras to Watcher by using Agent in the same local network with cameras:

  1. Install Agent on a device

  2. Look at and remember its identifier agentID. The identifier can be found in either of the ways:

    • at http://[Agent-local-IP]:5680/agent-status
    • in Watcher in the Agents section, where a newly added Agent appears.
  3. (For each camera) Go to the Watcher UI and add a camera (Cameras > Add a camera > New camera)

    In Stream URL enter: rtsp://USER:PASS@CAM-LOCAL-IP/STREAM via=agent://AGENTID


    • STREAM - the link to the RTSP stream of a camera, can be found in the camera's documentation.
    • CAM-LOCAL-IP - the camera's IP address in the same local network as where the device with installed Agent is located.
    • USER:PASS - the login and password for the camera.


      Both login and password must NOT include any of the following characters: @, ;, #, [, \, /, =

    • AGENTID - Agent identifier.

More about adding cameras manually