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Adding Cameras to Folders or Favorites

If an Organization has a large number of added cameras, it becomes important to have the means to navigate them easily.

To address this, Watcher provides Folders, which are used to group cameras on some basis, for example, based on their geographical location.

One folder can include a number of subfolders and cameras. Placing cameras into folders is similar to organizing the storage of documents in the file system.

You can also add a camera to favorites to find it in one click.

Creating a folder and adding cameras to it

By default, all cameras in an Organization are added to the root folder.

To create a folder and add cameras to it:

  1. Go to Organization in the Watcher UI
  2. Open needed the organization and select section Cameras
  3. Click the icon Add a folder next to the organization name
  4. Drag a camera from the list of cameras to the folder

Another way to add a camera to a folder is by editing the Folder field on the camera settings page. To do so, go to camera settings (Cameras > click the camera in the camera list) and choose Folder where you want to move the camera.

Deleting folders

To delete a folder:

  1. Move all the cameras from the folder you are going to delete. You can move them to another folder or to the root folder of the Organization.
  2. Click Delete next to the folder.

Adding a camera to Favorites

To add a camera to the page Favorites:

  1. Go to Cameras
  2. In the list of cameras (which, by default, appears in Tiles mode), find the camera and click the bookmark icon on it:

    Alternatively, in List mode, click the More button next to the camera and choose Add to Favorites.