Flussonic Media Server documentation

VOD from cloud

Flussonic Media Server can broadcast video files kept in cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift, as well as at HTTP servers.

Broadcasting from HTTP server

file http http://storage/prefix;

You can pass parameters in query string. This may be necessary if the server checks for any parameter in the query string. For example:

file http {
  url http://storage/prefix?key=12345;

When accessing a file vod/bunny.mp4, Flussonic Media Server rewrite query to http://storage/prefix/bunny.mp4?key=12345.

Broadcasting from Amazon S3

ACCESS_KEY and SECRET_KEY are the keys that can be obtained from the Amazon AWS profile.

file public http://s3.amazonaws.com/publicbucket;
file private s3://ACCESS_KEY:SECRET_KEY@s3.amazonaws.com/privatebucket;

Broadcasting from Swift storage

file swift swift://user=USER&password=PASSWORD&region=1@swift-proxy/bucket;