Flussonic Media Server documentation


Updating the Flussonic Media Server package may be required in cases when a version with new features or with bug fixes is released.

About changes in new versions read in our blog: https://erlyvideo.ru/blog

Updating for Debian / Ubuntu Anchor Anchor x2

apt-get update
apt-get -y install flussonic
/etc/init.d/flussonic restart

Important! There is no automatic restart, it must be done manually.

The package manager can report changes to the /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf file. In this case we recommend that you save the already installed version by pressing the N key:

The configuration file from the package will be saved in the file: /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf.dpkg-dist. After examining the changes, you can delete it.

Update for CentOS Anchor Anchor x2

yum -y install flussonic flussonic-erlang flussonic-python flussonic-ffmpeg

The package manager can create the file /etc/init.f/flussonic.rpmnew. Rename it:

mv /etc/init.f/flussonic.rpmnew /etc/init.f/flussonic

Restart is done in the same way:

/etc/init.d/flussonic restart