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Flussonic Coder

Flussonic CODER is a video processing solution is used for modular, multi-format and multi-protocol transcoding, packaging and delivery.

Flussonic Coder — a hardware-software solution for transcoding that has advantages over other types of transcoders in Flussonic Media Server:

  • allows large companies to comprehensively and predictably cover customer needs
  • allows you to unify the technical support process
  • helps integrators protect projects
  • keeping available a critical component: access to a subscriber device

Flussonic Coder is a building block of the Flussonic Cluster required for processing, transmitting, and further video recording. Coder supports a video stream with plenty of formats, codecs, and protocols in any point of the Flussonic Cluster.

The ingested video streams exist in the Flussonic Cluster as a sequence of elementary frames. Upon entering, the video is being de-multiplexed into atoms and on egress, the video is being multiplexed and packaged back for delivering in every modern video streaming protocol.

This article describes how to start using Flussonic Coder.

In this article:

Setting up


Flussonic Coder