Flussonic Media Server documentation

Subtitles in Live Streams

Many live streams go with synchronized text that duplicates what people are saying. Usually you can see it in TV channels received from a satellite.

There are several ways to transfer these subtitles: picture or text. Text requires device to render with some font in proper place on screen, picture goes with prerendered text.

Most subtitles received from a satellite are included as pictures and Flussonic identifies such a track as DVB subtitle.

Text subtitles from satellite are identified as DVB teletext. HLS has another format of such subtitles and it is called WebVTT.

DVB to HLS Anchor Anchor x2

Flussonic can take DVB subtitles (pictures), recognize text on them and produce output text in WebVTT.

So you take DVB stream from satellite and see subtitles on iPhone.