Flussonic Media Server documentation


MPTS Anchor Anchor x2

MPTS - Multi Program Transport Stream (MPEG-TS). It is widely used in DVB-networks (sattelite, cable, terrestrial broadcasting).

Do not capture MPTS stream via HTTP!

Capture MPTS Anchor Anchor x2


  • create stream
  • specify source, e.g. udp://
  • go to source options and enter Program ID to "MPEG-TS program" field
  • save settings

Retry it for each program in MPTS stream.

Example of config file for 3 programs /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf:

stream 1 {
  url udp:// program=2001;

stream 2 {
  url udp:// program=2002;

stream 3 {
  url udp:// program=2003;