Flussonic Media Server documentation

How to use IPTV Plugin with Stalker (or any another http backend)

Intro Anchor Anchor x2

Sometimes you need to use multiple authentication backends, for example Stalker + Flussonic IPTV Plugin.

IPTV Plugin is a special case of authorization backend. You should to configure multiauth to work with two backends.

IPTV Plugin + Stalker Anchor Anchor x2

IPTV plugin is a auth backend with the URL:

There is an lua example:

function convert_reply(reply)
  if reply.code == 200 then
    t = {}
    if reply.headers["x-authduration"] then
      t["auth_time"] = tonumber(reply.headers["x-authduration"])
    if reply.headers["x-max-sessions"] then
      t["max_sessions"] = tonumber(reply.headers["x-max-sessions"])
    if reply.headers["x-userid"] then
      t["user_id"] = reply.headers["x-userid"]
    return true, t
    return false,{["code"] = reply.code}

reply1 = http.get(""..http.qs_encode(req))

status1, headers1 = convert_reply(reply1)
if status1 then
  return status1, headers1

reply2 = http.get("http://<HOST:PORT>/stalker_portal/server/api/chk_flussonic_tmp_link.php?"..http.qs_encode(req))

status2, headers2 = convert_reply(reply2)

return status2, headers2

Save this code to the file: /etc/flussonic/auth.lua and then configure Flussonic to auth via lua file.


#Global settings:
http 80;
auth /etc/flussonic/auth.lua;

# Streams