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Closed TCP connection

If you capture MPEG-TS over HTTP or MPEG-TS over TCP, sometimes the capture stops and the error tcp_closed occurs in the log. Usually, it means closing connection on the source side.

The reason may be one of the following:

  1. CPU or network is overloaded.
  2. You are trying to capture several copies of a stream from one provider, but the provider has an authorization which closes the connection.
  3. You are trying to capture many channels as separate streams, but the provider has established some limitation on the number of concurrent TCP connections in the OS.

Please check if any of the above reasons takes place. If this does not help and the reason of the error is still unclear, please do the following:

tcpdump -vvv -i any host SOURCE-ADDRESS -s 0 -w sample.pcap

  • Upload debug logs using the Support page in Flussonic UI.
  • Contact Flussonic support or create a support ticket as described in the Support section.