Flussonic Media Server documentation

Flussonic Media Server

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First steps

You can install Flussonic on Debian/Ubuntu, , or even .

When we release new version, you can .


Flussonic can take your files, take files from and stream them via HLS, DASH, HDS.

We can help you to .

When your traffic is very high and storage is big, use to speedup delivery.

Live sources

Flussonic can , , , .

You can also to Flussonic via RTMP, WebRTC, HTTP MPEG-TS.

If you have more than one source for live stream, configure or a .

You can combine live streams and vod files with

Extract or make from your live streams.


If input video is not what you need, you can , use or .

Transcoder can be used also for adding .

We can combine several live streams to one with our .


Flussonic has many cool features when you want to use several servers together in cluster.

If you have several servers with lot of streams on them, use to get access to all streams on restreamer

For automatic rerouting your clients to server with required stream, use mechanism: ask any server for a stream and client will be redirected to proper.

Use mechanism that will automatically balance streams between several servers and route clients between them.


One of the most cool Flussonic features is excellent

Flussonic can record video on local disk, on or use

With our DVR you can arrange : show TV broadcast in other time zones, or create .

If you record video from IP cameras, you will like ability. It is really cool. Also you can get and from DVR.

You can record video on one server in cluster and : whole origin DVR will be accessible from all restreamers. Flussonic DVR can be after network failure.

You can override default DVR cleanup mechanism with

Securing content: DRM and Auth

Flussonic has very wide abilities to protect your content with a concept of .

Let's start from easy: . It will be not enough, so you can make a or

This will help you for a while, but you should look at , protecting from .

When it is also not enough for you, read about and

If you have several middlewares for one streamer, and more about and deep details like .

Read more about and learn about our