Flussonic Media Server documentation

Digital Video Recording

DVR Anchor Anchor x2

DVR is a part of Flussonic Media Server, it provides the following features:
  • real time recording and viewing IP cameras without limitations on archive size;
  • recording and deferred viewing of TV channels without limitations on archive size;
  • maintaining archive depth (eg 1 week);
  • broadcasting HLS, HDS, MPEG-TS, RTSP, RTMP, DASH;
  • archive in the timeshift mode (eg video will be shifted by hour back);
  • export video in MP4 file;
  • record on enterprise storage or to cloud storage like Amazon S3.

Advantages of DVR Anchor Anchor x2

DVR in Flussonic Media Server have a number of features, that distinguish it from competitors:

  • no limitation on archive size, you can store month or even years of video;
  • access to the archive as an endless video tape;
  • thumbnails are part of archive (fast preview of single thumbnails without rewinding);
  • built-in restreaming and replication of DVR (for a group of Flussonic Media Servers).