Flussonic Media Server documentation

Widevine DRM

Configure DRM for stream as follows:
stream ort {
  url udp://;
  hds off;
  rtmp off;
  rtsp off;
  mpegts off;
  drm widevine aes_key=12e8ccd0e7985cc0b6203a55855a1034afc252980e970ca90e5202689f947ab9 iv=d58ce954203b7c9a9a9d467f59839248 signer=widevine_test;;

Where aes_key and iv are required, get it via account at https://www.widevine.com/. Also you must specify keyserver or signer option:

  • signer your uniq id, Flussonic will connect with key server at http://license.uat.widevine.com/cenc/getcontentkey/<signer>.
  • keyserver is a option to set custom URL to Widevine key server.

Parameter content_id is optional. By default content_id is equal to stream name.