Flussonic Media Server documentation

Save to MP4

A fragment of an archive can be exported to a local computer to a file using this URLs:
  • MP4 file http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-4200.mp4
  • MPEG-TS file http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-4200.ts

Where 1350274200 is a fragment's start time in unix time. And 4200 is fragment's duration in seconds.

precise=true option increases export accuracy up to a second:

  • http://flussonic:8080/channel/archive-1350274200-60.mp4?precise=true

A fragment of an archive can be saved to server HDD as MP4 using this URL:

  • http://flussonic:8080/channel/save-mp4-1350274200-4200?file=recording1.mp4`

The file will be saved in the same directory where DVR recordings are stored.