Flussonic Media Server documentation


Irdeto DRM

Flussonic supports content encryption with the multi-DRM system Irdeto.

To set up the Irdeto DRM for a stream or for files in a VOD location, add the drm parameter as follows:

stream ort {
  url udp://;
  hds off;
  rtmp off;
  rtsp off;
  mpegts off;
  meta drm_id CONTENT_ID;
  drm irdeto ic_host=KEYSERVER account_id=ACCOUNTID user_name=USERNAME password=PASSWORD;


  • ic_host (required) — the Irdeto key server. Your Irdeto manager should give its hostname to you.
  • account_id, user_name, password — ask your Irdeto manager for these parameters.
  • drm_id (optional) — a unique identifier for protected content. Usually you can use a generated UUID as a content identifier. Irdeto calls it ContentId and allows any string consisting of characters and digits, so that you can use human-readable words as part of drm_id. If not specified, drm_id is equal to the stream name.