Flussonic Media Server Documentation


Conax DRM

Configure DRM for a stream as follows:

stream ort {
  url udp://;
  protocols dash hls;
  meta drm_id ev0234; # Optional, drm_id is a stream name by default
  drm conax keyserver=https://uSeR:Passw0rd@cas-gateway:12346;

Configure DRM for a VOD location as follows:

file drm {
  path /storage/vod;
  protocols dash hls;
  drm conax keyserver=https://uSeR:Passw0rd@cas-gateway:12346;


  • https://uSeR:Passw0rd@cas-gateway:12346 — a keyserver URL with credentials provided to you by Conax.
  • drm_id — this parameter is called ContentId in Conax. If you want to specify ContentId in a live stream configuration, use the meta drm_id <ContentID> directive. For VOD files, for example, for /path/to/vod/content.mp4, Flussonic reads ContentId from the /path/to/vod/content.mp4.conax_id file.


Note. You need to specify only the credentials, hostname, and port in the drm directive. Flussonic adds the /ca-server/webservices/key-server/conax path automatically.


If you get a password containing special characters, like aaa%bbb, from Conax, be careful: you might need to escape some special characters when you put them into the config file.

You should rewrite this example password aaa%bbb as aaa%25bbb because the % character must be written as %25 in HTTP URLs.