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Flussonic Central quick start guide

This quick start guide will teach you how to install Flussonic Central on one server and add a stream using the Flussonic Central API.

Installing Flussonic Central


Flussonic Central is installed with flussonic-watcher package. If you already have Watcher installed, just update it.

Install Flussonic Central as follows:

  1. On the server where you plan to run Flussonic Central execute the command:

    curl -sSf | sh

    After successful installation, the system advises you to start PostgreSQL and suggests the command to do so. Do not start PostgreSQL yet, just go to the next step which is user creation.

  2. Create the user and the database. First, create the user vsaas by typing this command:

    sudo -u postgres -i createuser -P vsaas

    The system will prompt you to enter the password that will be used for the user vsaas:

    Enter password for new role: (come up with and enter Flussonic Central super admin password)


    Both login and password must NOT include any of the following characters: @, ;, #, [, \, /, =

    Type the password again for confirmation:

    Enter it again: (re-enter Flussonic Central super admin password)

  3. Create the database vsaas_production with the created user vsaas as the owner:

    sudo -u postgres -i createdb -O vsaas -e -E UTF8 -T template0 vsaas_production

    The system's response if the database was created successfully:

    CREATE DATABASE vsaas_production OWNER vsaas ENCODING 'UTF8' TEMPLATE template0;

  4. Launching the flussonic service: service flussonic start

  5. Open the Flussonic's administrative web UI at http://(Flussonic server address)/admin in your browser. Set the following parameters:

    • Paste the license key and come up with credentials for Flussonic server.

    License and credentials setup


    Both login and password must NOT include any of the following characters: @, ;, #, [, \, /, =

    • Go to IP cameras and specify the path to the database in the Database path box.


    Replace VSAAS_PASSWORD with the real password of the vsaas user that you created in previous steps.

    Path to Flussonic Central database

That would be enough to install and use Flussonic Central. If you need Watcher web UI, follow the steps to create Watcher Administrator. If you plan to use Flussonic Central for managing the cluster of several streamers, follow the full instructions to install the Cluster.

Adding a stream

As of now, Flussonic Central does not have a GUI but provides its own API that you can use to add a stream to your newly installed Flussonic Central.

Use the PUT http://YOUR_FLUSSONIC_CENTRAL_URL/watcher/core/v3/streams/{name} request. Please refer here for the full list of the parameters.

Example of the request to add a stream with a minimum set of parameters:

curl --request PUT --url http://localhost/watcher/core/v3/streams/stream_name \
--header 'Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"name": "stream_name","title": "your stream title", "inputs": [{ "url": "fake://clock" }]}'


This request can be used to both create or modify the stream, so the stream name is specified twice: in the path and in the request body. If you specify different name values in the path and in the body, then the one in the body takes precedence.