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Authorization of sessions with Central

In a cluster of servers managed by Flussonic Central, authorization of publication and playback sessions is performed by one or several authorization backends.

Authorization backend is a server-side application that defines permissions to access sessions. When a user requests to publish or play video, Central redirects it to the appropriate streamer; then the streamer requests the authorization backend to find out if the session is allowed for that user.

Authorization sequence

You can develop your own authorization backend (application or script) implementing our authorization API. An example of a script for authorization is given here.

In addition, Central provides the settings to allow or deny specific tokens, IP addresses, countries or user agents.


Do not configure authorization backends separately on each streamer with Flussonic Media Server when the streamers operate in a cluster managed by Central.

Adding authorization backends

Flussonic Central allows specifying the authorization backend URLs and the settings for Flussonic Media Server auth backend. These settings are provisioned to all streamers in the cluster at each Central's restart.

To configure the auth backends:

  1. Go to ConfigAuth backends.
  2. Click Add Auth Backend.
  3. Enter the backend's URL in HTTP Backends.
  4. Optionally, specify tokens, IP addresses, countries or user agents that should be allowed or denied to access the streams without further requests to other authorization backends.

Adding auth backends


You can also manage the authorization backends using the corresponding API methods.