Flussonic Media Server documentation



You can connect to Flussonic Media Server and request data via the MySQL protocol, like with any original MySQL server.
Do not install MySQL. Just add MySQL API support to the configuration file by specifying the port that the Flussonic Media Server will listen to.

Turn on this feature by enabling MySQL port in the configuration file (or in the web interface):

mysql 3306;

If there is no such line in the configuration, Flussonic uses port 14406 by default.

Now you can use your admin login (edit_auth and view_auth) to connect using mysql client or any other sql library of your choice.

The database name is flussonic:

mysql -u admin -h -p flussonic

mysql> show tables;
| Tables_in_flussonic |
| streams             |
| files               |
| sessions            |
| stats               |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select * from streams;
| name    | url                                            | ts_delay | bytes_in   | bytes_out | client_count | lifetime | retry_count | bitrate |
| channel | tshttp://transcoder:9000/                      |       59 | 1003280707 |         0 |            0 | 46056397 |           0 |     647 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Similarly, you can access any other table, for example, the files table.

Available tables

  • streams information about active streams
  • files information about open files
  • sessions information about open sessions
  • sessions_history information about history of sessions
  • stats information on various metrics
  • dvr_status statistics on dvr recording for a particular period of time. Stream name and time (utc) are required parameters.

Some advice


When requesting dvr_status table, you have to use stream name (name) and time (utc).

If you miss one of this parameters, you will always get "ERROR 1210 (HY000): name and utc conditions are required" in the MySQL client.

Quote charactes are important too. Value of name should be wrapped in single quotes, аnd utc should be used without quotes at all.

For example: select * from dvr_status where name='mystream' and utc > 1411084801;

If you use invalid quotes, you will always get "Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)" in the MySQL client.

Also please note that you can't use exact equality (utc=1411084801), but you have to query some range (utc > 1411084801).

Statistics storage time

At the moment, the statistics can be stored for about a day. This time can not be increased. Perhaps in future versions of the Flussonic Media Server we'll implement long-term storage, for year or so, but at the moment this feature is not available.

Relation to MySQL database server

FAQ: Should I install/uninstall Oracle MySQL Database Server, or manually avoid conflicts with it, or I can just add MySQL API support to the config file and that's all?

Installing MySQL Server is not necessary. Just add MySQL API support to the configuration file by specifying the port that the Flussonic Media Server will listen to.

Don't forget to use a port that isn't bound by your native database (3306 is the default port for MySQL, so it's better to use something different).

Flussonic Media Server doesn't use real native database (mysql server or anything), it's just an emulation module inside Flussonic Media Server that can parse simple SQL queries.

Because it's not an actual database, you can't use PHPMyAdmin or something like that for viewing tables. You can access it only by running simple SQL queries inside a MySQL client, library etc.