Flussonic Media Server Documentation

Using the License Key

This section describes how to use license keys for Flussonic Media Server.

Flussonic Media Server license key

The license key is stored in the file /etc/flussonic/license.txt.

The key looks like: 5d6b1420-4093-012e-832e-0949543365b9

The server should have access to the Internet via HTTP and HTTPS to be able to validate the license key.

Binding the key

Flussonic should regularly connect to the key server.

Wait 5 minutes after disabling Flussonic on the first server before enabling it on the second one when transferring the key from one server to another.

Migrate to another server

Flussonic is making online license validation so it is very easy to move your license to another server.

Just shutdown Flussonic on first server and launch on new one.