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Running Multiple Copies of Flussonic

You can run several Flussonic Media Server instances on the same server. For each instance you will need a separate license key.

Add wwwroot /opt/flussonic/wwwroot; to the configuration file.

Example of configuration:

# Global settings:
http 81;
rtsp 554;
rtmp 1935;
pulsedb /var/lib/flussonic2;
session_log /var/lib/flussonic2;
edit_auth admin 123321;
wwwroot /opt/flussonic/wwwroot;

# DVRs:

# Remote sources:

# Ingest streams:

# Dynamic rewrites:

# Publish locations:
live mylive {

# Disk file caches:

# VOD locations:

# Plugins:

To run Flussonic Media Server, you will need to use /opt/flussonic/bin/run

Run /opt/flussonic/bin/run -h to view Help and available options.

Example of running:

/opt/flussonic/bin/run -n flussonic2@ -c /etc/flussonic/flussonic2.conf -k flussonic2 -l /var/log/flussonic2