Flussonic Media Server documentation


Keeping Flussonic logs in Sentry

Configuring Flussonic to keep logs in Sentry (v20.04)

Flussonic Media Server offers error logging with Sentry. You can configure your Flussonic server to log all messages via our Sentry service.

Then if you contact our support to resolve an issue or to request a feature, access to logs in Sentry would speed up our work. Besides, the Sentry's web interface is convenient to filter and view the messages.

To configure error logging on Sentry

Add the environment variable and specify the address of the Sentry instance that you plan to use for logging Flussonic messages, in the format https://@example.com/.

To add FLUSSONIC_SENTRY you can use systemd override:

# systemctl edit flussonic

This command opens a text editor (usually nano). Add the lines and replace the placeholders with your server, key and project:


Press Сtrl-X, then Y, and Enter to save the changes and exit.

Restart Flussonic:

# /etc/init.d/flussonic restart

Now you can check that messages are logged.