Version 4.6.9

December 16, 2016


  • #3041 restart HTTP listeners after issuing Letsencrypt cert and reload page
  • #3115 peeklio agent now supports erasing of its identification
  • #3196 workaround for skipping sync on buggy cameras that are misconfigured. Add force_rtcp=true to disable this
  • #3205 workarounds for slow start of transcoder on Nvidia m4000
  • #3283 enhance fetching of hourly graphic
  • #3306 [VSaaS] notify different streampoint key configuration on endpoint and streampoint
  • #3321 allow to transcode streams published via HTTP MPEG-TS
  • #3329 [UI] make faster on-screen data update
  • #3372 [VSaaS] remove useless SQL calls to Flussonic from Watcher with disabled rproxy
  • #3375 allow to select Nvidia device for transcoding more easily
  • #3393 now push urls are validated on config loading
  • #3395 workaround in RTSP reader for broken RTCP sync that produces negative durations
  • #3396 fix media_aliaser entry expiry
  • #3400 change measurement of HLS master playlist bitrate. Add audio group to audio-only variant
  • #3403 [UI] fix editing SSD cache path in new config
  • #3407 fix log uploading with flussonic turned off
  • #3408 change OOM behaviour for peeklio agent supervisor
  • #3414 allow to specify ?tracks=v1a1 in RTMP playback
  • #3418 Thumbnails now are fetched in a separate HTTP pool and will not affect other systems
  • #3421 enhance work of control tools under installations with broken DNS and hostname
  • #3422 pulsedb collector now better handles backward jumps in timestamps
  • #3432 fix HDS archive URL with tokens
  • #3435 live_mixer now will listen for keyframes only to video stream: audio gops are ignored
  • #3454 change ffmpeg publish behaviour with mpegts input