Version 4.6.15

May 15, 2017

Important changes with backward incompatibilities:

  • #3107 now unicast url udp:// will filter source to this address
  • #3780 now DVR will save remote proxied chunks to local storage if local is specified
  • #3936 DVR will now bypass requests to jpeg and video thumbnail to cluster source
  • #3981 add deinterlace=0 for nvenc to reduce GPU usage
  • #4016 do not bypass undefined token to lua backend script anymore
  • #4028 save-mp4 call will not go to auth backend anymore because it uses admin authentication

New features:

  • #3658 it is possible to push UDP with selected tracks
  • #3757 load balancer prototype: iptv {loadbalance usage; }
  • #3924 logo in player overlay: logo path=flu/embed-logo.png
  • #3953 encoding to MPEG2 video
  • #3992 now it is possible to launch several flussonics on single host with /opt/flussonic/bin/flussonic
  • #3995 MSE LD in video.js: /clock/embed.html?version=2&proto=mse


  • #3500 enhance handling ONVIF-discovered RTSP urls
  • #3659 now lua script will better log mail delivery errors
  • #3838 DVR player will use http port from request, not from server config
  • #3863 [VSaaS] more validation on adding streamer
  • #3891 [VSaaS] now Watcher will send request host in plugin mode, not local hostname
  • #3931 more gracefully handle mp2v changes
  • #3932 gracefully handle invalid API call list_files
  • #3941 allow to publish via RTMP when app name is a stream name and stream name is blank
  • #3951 added backward compatible IPTV plugin auth
  • #3958 better checking input in api call stream_create
  • #3961 better http reply codes on api call stream_switch_source
  • #3963 filter invalid mp2v config from transcoder
  • #3964 enhance detection of disabled flash in Google Chrome
  • #3968 remove HDS from protocols when specify ?proto=realtime to embed
  • #3974 allow to edit stream title in admin UI
  • #3986 better handling on non-existing file with file:// source
  • #3996 update video.js version
  • #4005 EST-IP7310-W home camera support for Agent
  • #4015 now HTML5 MSE player is shown in session list and has proper session accounting

Bug fixes

  • #2783 fix stopping DVR playback on changing speed
  • #3901 fix error in reading mp4 that lead to dash stopping
  • #3918 dont send source_lost event on starting published stream
  • #3934 fix DVR RTMP playback error with float speed, related to problem with Watcher Mobile
  • #3949 fix error in managing IPTV streams
  • #4012 fix handling buffer option in hls reader that caused crashes on config reloading
  • #4013 fix error in DVR memory cache cleaner that could lose part of cache during cleaning