DVEO is a well established Provider of Encoding, Decoding.

DVEO® is a well established Provider of Encoding, Decoding, and Transcoding Solution to National and International Telcos and Broadcasters. It is privately held and has no short term or long term debt.( 2018) It is generally profitable due to its flexible structure. From time to time companies have tried to acquire us but unless it’s a total win win we are not interested

Our Products are developed using open source libraries but we have add multiple layers on top to differentiate our offerings via Reliability, Security, Feature Set, and Product Support

Using DVEO® products and solutions customers can easily receive, encode, modulate, and stream live video over their IP networks to Professional IRD’s, STBs, IPADS, etc. Our advanced high definition and standard definition encoding and streaming devices support the latest and most widely used video codecs, protocols, and wrappers, and containers, including H.264 AVC, MPEG-2, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, IGMP, Multicast, etc.

DVEO® began operations in 1981. DVEO® has always been a private, wholly owned operating unit of Computer Modules, Inc. We are located only in San Diego. Sales have been between 5-6 million dollars in the last few years (2018). DVEO® sells directly and indirectly worldwide through a combination of independent distributors in various countries, system integrators, and OEM partners.