Taking Video Surveillance Services to the Next Level

October 4, 2019

Not that long ago, video surveillance systems in commercial companies were seen simply as a security tool. However, new technology has taken these platforms at instances never even imagined. The future of video surveillance systems is here. Nowadays, smart video cameras and new surveillance software help businesses to solve a lot of issues, such as preventing criminal activities like robbery and sabotage, to analyze customer behavior, and even to discover which products are being acquired in greater quantities. With a video surveillance system in place, managers can have the possibility of conducting recurring checks to monitor employees and the quality of customer service they are offering.

The data obtained from the surveillance cameras keeps the managers informed of many events that are happening and help them to make crucial decisions that ultimately are going to end up affecting positively the company growth. A good example is when store managers, based on the data offered by the security system, design advertising campaigns to take advantage of that now visible customer behavior to create a different in-store visitor flow or change the location of certain merchandise.

The new facial (Biometric) and car recognition technologies, along with the extended image analysis algorithms, have opened up new possibilities for business. Thanks to these data, it is now possible to determine which are the departments in the stores with more customer traffic and therefore create more effective marketing campaigns because it is easier to identify where to spend the resources. These are only commercial examples, but it is common knowledge that image analysis algorithms are also helping authorities everywhere to recognize and capture criminals in the streets of the most populated cities in the world, where these convicts use to hide.

Russian software developer Flussonic offers a number of innovative video surveillance and analysis products, including the very popular Flussonic Watcher, a complete, fully integrable and comprehensive software solution that will allow you to launch your own video surveillance service of any size, from a modest office space with maybe 2 or 3 cameras to a massive surveillance system with tens of thousands of cameras. Flussonic can definitely help its customers to be more competitive in their respective markets.

With customers in more than 100 countries in the world, Flussonic is one of the leading players in the video processing and delivery space. Its lasting collaborations with the largest telecom companies in Russia proves that success. Flussonic Watcher provides uninterrupted outdoor monitoring and offers its subscribers centralized video surveillance services over the Internet.

In Sochi, for example, Flussonic is working with The Sochi Camera Project, which broadcasts to the public videos from outdoor surveillance cameras installed throughout the city. This service is really popular within residents and tourists because they can watch live footage from ski resorts, parks, or public spaces and decide where to go. Every year, thousands of tourists benefit from this innovative surveillance video camera service. Something similar is happening in Thailand, where Flussonic is helping to bring more visitors to the local resorts by running a video broadcasting service for tourists.

Other local implementations include the Novosibirsk MAU “Stadion”, where Flussonic provided a robust platform for video surveillance and broadcasting of sports events, and the deployment in the core of Moscow where the company is collecting data from multiple cameras to help the city to optime the use of parking space.

If you are thinking of buying a video surveillance system or having some outdoor cameras installed, we would love to hear from you and guide you with all our knowledge. We have a dedicated team of experts ready to help you with everything you need. We can be reach by email at support@flussonic.com or by phone at +1(646)851-24-43