Flussonic Presented its Latest Products at SLUSH 2019

November 29, 2019

More than 25,000 participants, including 3,500 startups, 2,500 investors, and 160 speakers, gathered for the 2019 SLUSH conference in Helsinki, Finland. There were more than 100 countries represented at the conference, known as one of the biggest international forum for startups and high-technology companies around the globe.

Great attention to Flussonic’s products was given by international country representatives and especially by the Russian Federation Ambassador in Finland, Pavel Kuznetsov. The interest was so great on the opening ceremony stand that Mr. Kuznetsov even proposed a separate demonstration of the Flussonic product line to Finnish companies and other international specialists at the event.

Flussonic attended the event on the Moscow Export Center platform, Made in Moscow. For two days, Flussonic’s products were presented to companies and experts from the USA, United Arab Emirates, France, Finland, Russia, Malta, Israel, Iran, Brazil, Poland, among other countries. Under one brand, Made in Moscow, their technology products were presented to 14 companies at the organizer collective stand - Moscow Export Center, which belongs to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development of Moscow.

About Flussonic

Flussonic’s video streaming and surveillance products have been commercially available since 2010. The company’s main competitive advantage is its vast experience in the development of high-load platforms for video processing and delivery. The Flussonic product line includes Flussonic Media Server, a software for video transcoding, storage, and delivery; Flussonic Watcher, a comprehensive video surveillance and analysis solution; and Flussonic Coder, a hardware and software package for video processing.


Over the past decade, SLUSH has run events in Helsinki, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. In 2018, SLUSH brought together 3,100 startups and 1,800 investors from all over the world. The forum has been attended by some of the key players on the global market, including Facebook, PayPal, Slack, PWC, Microsoft, Porsche, and Oracle.