Retail Automation, Analytical Tools, and Queue Detection

October 7, 2019

Advances in automation technologies have created new ways of attracting customers to businesses and winning their loyalties. The highly competitive retail segment is leading the way in the deployment of new automation instruments.

Any retailer wishing to attract new customers and increase sales should monitor their business processes to detect any weak points and introduce innovative solutions as soon as possible. Old-school manual routines are just too expensive and time-consuming. Video analysis systems to generate additional revenue may be a key to success. Automation is the way to make a retail company stand out among the competition.

When automation processes are applied correctly, a retailer can effectively monitor their stock and practice queue detection: Count the customers and assess queue size. The new technologies that spot empty shelves or detect theft can be used to optimize security and merchandising costs as well as ensure faster arrival of goods to the showroom, translating into increased customer satisfaction and, of course, more conversions.

Methods of retail data collection are improving continually, evolving from simple manual calculations to cutting-edge analytical systems based on video surveillance and sophisticated neural technologies. Flussonic is a company that provides an all-inclusive solution for retail automation and video data analysis. With 10 years of market experience, Flussonic is one of the top players in the video processing and delivery sector.

Watcher, a comprehensive software solution by Flussonic, can tackle many problems linked with retail automation. This tool makes it possible to launch video surveillance services of any scale, ranging from modest office facilities, with maybe 3 0r 4 cameras, to massive systems with thousands of cameras offering data analysis for every square feet of the retail space. Flussonic Watcher shows retailers what is happening on their premises, helping business owners to enhance revenues via effective marketing strategies, develop successful loyalty programs while boosting customer attendance, monitor customer activity, provide better quality of service during the peak times, and many other. The opportunities are endless.

Video analysis systems in automated retail offer a number of new benefits including:

  • Face recognition for theft detection: Video cameras installed at the doors capture all visitors entering or leaving the shop, take their pictures, and identify their faces and activities. The integrated system of video analysis compiles customer blacklists and whitelists, informing the staff of the arrival of regular clients or unwanted visitors.

  • Customer counting to establish peak selling hours. Well placed cameras take pictures of the visitors and record customer movement. Just a few simple calculations and you can figure out how many people attended the shop, how many of them made purchases, or how much time an average customer needs to make a decision to buy.

  • Sales automation can also result in more effective management of retail facilities by collecting and analyzing data on customer behavior and preferences like:

a. identify “hot” products/departments or “dead zones”;

b. effectively plan staff schedules;

c. improve shop management.

• By taking advanteges of heat mapping, store owners or management can discover these so-called “hot” products or areas easily. If you know which area of ​​your store is having more traffic and you also know which is your most popular product, it is as simple as placing that product in that area and wait for the magic to happen.

• Queue detection. Cameras with specialist integrated software record the number of shoppers in a queue. If the visitor traffic gets too high, the staff is alerted, and extra workers are summoned to the cash desk. This helps to prevent customer dissatisfaction and to plan staff schedules effectively.

Apart from analytical capabilities, video surveillance in retail outlets also has supervisory functions. Cameras can be used to keep track of the staff working time and their interaction with customers ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Video surveillance systems also can make it possible to control the arrival of goods at the warehouse, handle storage disorders and prevent theft or unauthorized write-offs. In conclusion, video surveillance cameras may have a deterrent on both the customers and staff.

Video surveillance also enables monitoring of shop grounds, which is especially important for retail centers equipped with parking facilities. In this case, cameras act as an additional guarantee of visitor security. The use of video surveillance paired with analysis and detection tools will take your business to new heights.

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