OBITLaunches a Flussonic Watcher Platform-Based Video Surveillance Service for Business

July 22, 2019

OBIT Launches a Flussonic Watcher Platform-Based Video Surveillance Service for Business

OBIT integral operator has launched a video surveillance service to extend the company’s business offerings for corporate clients. The service includes remote business supervision and control with safe data storage on the operator server hardware.


OBIT video surveillance fits a wide range of businesses: from small enterprises—shops, warehouses, small offices, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants, to large federal-scale companies based throughout the country. The service will help with fraud prevention, employee management, customer service quality assurance, on-site event tracking, and control of dangerous and restricted areas.

The client is able to manage their business online using any device, watching all cameras simultaneously, or switching between the sites with a user-friendly interface. The client also gets access to the archive, which allows watching of recordings in fast-forward mode, downloading of important fragments in full HD for detailed study, as well as listening to the audio. Moreover, OBIT video surveillance is able to detect motion in the surveyed area and send notifications, stream video to a website for public access, and distribute camera access rights.

The operator offers two solutions. In cases where the client has no existing video surveillance, OBIT carries out a set of works from scratch: premises audit, project planning, selecting, installing, and setting up IP-cameras, and transmission and cloud storage of video data. In cases where the client already has active cameras installed, OBIT provides video transmission to the server using its own data transmission network, safe remote storage of the video at its own data center, and access to a multifunctional personal account.

The main advantage of the OBIT video surveillance service is the operator’s top-level responsibility for the communication channel and server equipment—meaning that video data from the client’s cameras is transmitted and stored on its own protected network without employing the client’s main internet channel. OBIT specialists monitor video streaming online, safe from technical failures or sabotage. The data is stored and backed up in the OBIT Tier III-level data center, relieving the client of the burden of buying and maintaining their own equipment and keeping everything up-to-date.

The service is based on the Flussonic Watcher software platform developed by the Flussonic company, one of the leading experts in video transmitting and transcoding, both in Russia and around the world. The product allows regular, up-to-the-monthly introduction of innovative client solutions. OBIT plans to soon add intellectual and analytical modules to the basic version. Their special software (Flussonic Watcher) will also be able not only to identify vehicle types and license plate numbers, but to be integrated into access controls and management systems, as well as many other things. Flussonic Watcher offers all the necessary services and equipment to launch video surveillance: camera firmware, server software, client applications, SDK and API for third-party developers, as well as a wide range of customization opportunities and video surveillance system integration into the client’s existing infrastructure.


Products developed by Flussonic have been on the market since 2010. Today, the company is internationally competitive, and a leader in video transmission and transcoding. Many of Flussonic’s clients are Russian and foreign companies that have been working with Flussonic since the company’s very beginning.

Flussonic’s core business area is its own product development program. Flussonic’s product range currently includes Media Server (server solution for video transcoding, storage, and transmission), Watcher (complex solution for video surveillance (including IP-video surveillance), video analytics (face recognition, car license plate number recognition).

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