How to Install Flussonic Catena

January 24, 2020

How to Install Flussonic Catena

In this short video, we are going to explain, step by step, how to install Flussonic Catena, a control panel for managing your IPTV service. Catena will work with streaming servers where Flussonic Media Server is installed and it will help you manage all your streamers, live streams, VOD assets, customers, and resellers through its unified and easy to use web interface.

The biggest advantage Catena offers is that it allows you to keep all the streams and users data in a centralized database and you don’t have to worry again about backing up each streamer.

With Catena you are going to be able to:

Manage thousands of stream sources

  • Manage subscribers

  • Manage TV packages

  • Provide a web UI for playing TV content

  • Provide m3u playlists to your subscribers

  • Protect streams from restreaming

  • Manage a group of Flussonic streamers by using a unique Pipelines solution

  • Load balance streams among a group of servers

  • Load balance clients among Edge servers

Before you install Catena, please take a quick look at these server requirements:

  • You will need a VPS or a dedicated server running on Ubuntu 18.04 or higher
  • The server must have a resolvable domain name and a static IP address so that streaming servers could connect to Catena
  • You must have root SSH access to the server to be able to install the software
  • Make sure no other web applications are running on the server where you plan to install Catena. The default port for Catena is 80
  • Catena supports PostgreSQL10 or later. If there is no PostgreSQL on the server, the latest version will be installed with Catena