Flussonic Watcher version 20.01

February 4, 2020

This page lists the changes introduced in Watcher 20.01

Flussonic Watcher

What’s New in Watcher 20.01

Flussonic Watcher 20.01

  • #6096 (new) [Watcher] Debug logs can be uploaded using the Watcher UI. See the top section of the Health page.
  • #7094 (new) [Watcher] Added parameter for limiting user sessions. System-wide and per-user limits are available.
  • #7637 (new) [Watcher] Managing ONVIF cameras: output stream settings, turning on motion detection, network settings of a camera, and changing the administrator password
  • #9983 (new) [Watcher] A camera can be rebooted using the Watcher UI. Visit the Camera Settings section.
  • #6988 (improved) [Watcher] The permissions of users for actions with mosaics were re-worked: mosaics are accessible within an organization, access to mosaics can be set in user settings.

Issues Resolved in Watcher 20.01

Flussonic Watcher 20.01

  • #9903 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed applying of the Thumbnails checkbox
  • #10041 (fixed) [Watcher] It is now possible to open a camera from the Agents section
  • #10134 (fixed) [Watcher] Camera search results now show only those organizations and folders where the camera was added
  • #10216 (fixed) [Watcher] The map now shows all cameras with coordinates configured
  • #10230 (fixed) [Watcher] You can now add cameras to the map by clicking the place on the map where a cameras is located
  • #10246 (fixed) [Watcher] Searching the list of events from cameras now works
  • #10248 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed empty folder deletion
  • #10254 (fixed) [Watcher] DVR player works if a camera is offline
  • #10354 (fixed) [Watcher] Fixed memory leak in worker process.