Flussonic Catena 19.12

December 13, 2019

GeoIP load balancer, Auto Balancer (load-balancing clients to non-pipeline streams), Enigma2 support, import of M3U playlists.

What’s New
  • #9884 (new) [Catena] The Auto Balancer was added, and now Catena can loadbalance clients to non-pipeline streams (streams not added to Catena).
  • #9760 (new) [Catena] The Customer’s Portal now supports rewinding and pausing of live streams if you specify the player in the form: ’embed.html?ago=3600'.
  • #9713 (new) [Catena] Now the Catena administrator can order the list of streams — this is useful in playlist creation.
  • #9674 (new) [Catena] Now the administrator and sales manager can set subcriber limit to each reseller.
  • #9587 (new) [Catena] The support for Enigma2 format.
  • #5355 (new) [Catena] GeoIP load balancer.

Issues Resolved
  • #10233 (fixed) [Catena] The Streams page is now displayed correctly.
  • #10151 (fixed) [Catena] The import of m3u playlist now works.
  • #10046 (fixed) [Catena] Some text in Catena administrator’s UI was improved.
  • #9926 (fixed) [Catena] Now M3U playlists use ‘/video.m3u8’ links and you can optionally select ‘/mpegts’ or ‘/index.m3u8’.
  • #9773 (fixed) [Catena] Renaming streams in Catena no longer causes duplicating the renamed stream in Flussonic Media Server.
  • #9506 (fixed) [Catena] The appearance of error messages in the UI was improved.
  • #9266 (fixed) [Catena] Now stream names can contain only Latin characters, digits, the hyphen (’-’) and the underscore (’_’).