Version 4.6.5

October 1, 2016

Important changes

  • #1921 DASH DVR access
  • #2332 add DASH as available player for DVR embed
  • #2501 don’t fail with messages overflow on HTTP MPEG-TS prepush. We have refactored prepush so that it doesn’t indicates as an overflow on streams with many languages and large prepush
  • #2709 fix in switching server playlist to next scheduled file
  • #2774 play timeshifted DVR with jumping over gaps: /your-stream/timeshift_abs-123123123.m3u8?ignore_gaps=true
  • #2968 enable H265 in CPU transcoder. For rpm users: mention that you need to update flussonic-ffmpeg yourself.
  • #2994 add workaround for bug RTSP android MX player. We have made many cleanups in RTSP playback, searching trivial bug and found that MX player is just sending PLAY twice. But now you have much better RTSP playback.
  • #3014 GeoIP database updated. But you can always do it yourself
  • #3015 mpegts decoder refactoring, better handling of exotic packing combinations. We are really glad when you bring us MPEG-TS stream without timestamps, without frame borders, without PMT, with broken PES and we will try hard to get frames out of it.
  • #3019 added all flavors of 300-redirect to HLS reader. Some servers consider that it is ok to send 307 or 320 as a redirect. We cannot argue with it.
  • enhance working of license client via transparent proxy. If you have non-paranoid corporate transparent proxy, now it should work
  • #3027 now flussonic will try first to redirect to peer and then take stream from source
  • #3053 fixed bug when DRM protection of stream was disabled. Update please, if you are using DRM.
  • #3061 fixes in Windows build, now Flussonic should install and launch in more number of cases.
  • #3064 automatic transcoding of WebRTC Opus to AAC. It is a very cool feature: two people are speaking in Opus, third is watching and listening it on iPhone
  • #3067 WebRTC now uses the same protection for publishing as RTMP: on_publish, password, publish_enabled — all this.
  • #3074 added whitelist and blacklist IP check to parallel_auth.erl.

Technical changes:

  • #2182 send first RTCP SR in RTSP as soon as possible
  • #2343 workaround for MPEG-TS stream without PTS/DTS at all
  • #2435 handle large gaps in DTS in MPEG-TS
  • #2457 enhance handling specific interlaced MPEG-TS
  • #2757 fixed several cases with changing audio codec in MPEG-TS
  • #2977 better handling of dead peer in DVR replicator
  • #2993 fix showing current url in UI
  • #3013 add support for more MPEG-TS PSI encodings
  • #3022 fix admin UI bug with published streams
  • #3036 add CODECS to video.m3u8
  • #3049 changes in WebRTC publishing from admin page