Version 4.6.4

September 17, 2016

Important changes:

  • #2537 thumbnailer can take screenshot from camera now: Flussonic now can request screenshot from camera and not spend time for making thumbnails on CPU.
  • #2703 now HLS DVR sessions will be marked as hls_dvr type: previously it was very hard to distinguish in statistics between DVR access and live for HLS. Now we have made so that it is possible to understand what is happening.
  • #2750 now input mpegts service and provider are ignored if configured in stream: we now drop PMT and SDT description in input MPEG-TS feed and
  • #2896 bypass subtitles and teletext through Flussonic. We do not drop them anymore, but bypass them through live play and through DVR. Working hard on translating teletext into webvtt, drop us a line if you need it.
  • #2927 removed streamname/flv output handler. Sorry, it is 2016 already
  • Making DASH default in admin page. Though dash.js player is rather young, we have decided that you should give it a try. Drop us a line if you have problems.
  • #2930 fix redirect to peer server in cluster when stream from it is requested. Mention that is is related not to “source”, but to “server” specification in config file: Flussonic will redirect RTMP and HTTP clients to peer having requested stream.
  • #2943 encode MPEGTS SDT (provider and service name) to cyrillic iso8859-5. If you have cyrillic names, they will look broken in FFmpeg, but properly in VLC and STB
  • #2955 support for carrying B-Frames in RTSP
  • #2957 now old admin UI is on /admin1, new admin UI is on /admin. /admin2 will redirect to new.
  • #2959 allow to configure Watcher from Flussonic admin UI
  • #2985 decode Greek, Turkish, European MPEG-TS channel names
  • #2986 m4s protocol now will log frame drop if origin fails to send frames. It is an internal protocol for connecting two flussonics together
  • #2988 support for query string in VOD paths. If you need to add some query string to all files on http storage, it is what you need

Technical fixes:

  • #2771 renamed tracks-1,2 to tracks-v1a1: now index playlist will not change if audio and video tracks swaps. Be sure to change your urls, if you were using direct names.
  • #2909 fix showing published streams in UI when no static streams, sorry for this bug.
  • #2910 fix UI bug that didn’t allow to enable DASH protocol after disabling it.
  • #2911 support for DVR replication with m4s protocol
  • #2917 fix showing published streams in admin with url-encoded symbols in name
  • #2918 fixed invalid session type for RTSP playback: it was indicated as http, but it is rtsp now of course.
  • #2919 enable HTTP for our IP camera cloud agent: it is required for fetching thumbnails from cloud camera.
  • #2921 fix iptv grouping channels
  • #2922 fix memory leak on streams with not changing timestamps
  • #2928 fix working cluster authentication with no_auto_token. It was broken in previous release
  • #2933 fix file uploading in new admin
  • #2947 fix reloading erlang auth scripts problem related to erlang 19 update, now you can use back our parallel_auth.erl
  • #2960 change control shell script so that it better handles requests to dead Flussonic
  • #2961 indicate that Watcher is enabled or disabled on license
  • #2964 allow to specify ffmpeg url without “publish_enabled”