Version 4.6.19

Below goes a list of changes, but most important is long awaited server side ad insertion. It is in beta, so contact us to check it on your streams!

  • #2347 initial server side ad insertion
  • #3907 protect from OOM with slow DVR
  • #4068 https support in cluster ingest redirect
  • #4407 fix in HDS
  • #4416 SQL API now can delete vsaas and rproxy plugins
  • #4461 mseld_off config option
  • #4464 full HTML5 DVR player: embed.html?dvr=true&proto=mse
  • #4466 quality selector in version=3 player
  • #4467 disable TLS session cache
  • #4468 unpause old RTMP DVR player in fullscreen
  • #4475 remove locking on slow HDD from DVR new blob creation
  • #4487 now flussonic start will not kill old instance