Version 4.6.11

February 21, 2017

As usual, we have added lot of important changes.

First, a lot of working integrations of our camera agent to following cameras:

  • #3327 agent running on Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-IW
  • #3538 install Agent on Hikvision Ezviz
  • #3597 agent installed on HiWatch ds-i113
  • #3635 fixing broken resolv.conf on Omny cameras for agent installation
  • #3601 move HTTP status port of agent to 5680

Now important changes related to IP camera product Flussonic Watcher:

  • #2674 proof of concept html5 low delay playback without webrtc
  • #3062 [VSaaS] now flussonic will use local watcher in non-service mode for auth
  • #3530 [VSaaS] special autologin link for integrating with operator client area
  • #3532 [VSaaS] now it is possible to access public camera without token
  • #3609 [VSaaS] fix importing existing users to Watcher
  • #3611 [VSaaS] server failover mechanism now moves agents to backup server

We are close to adding motion detection to Watcher, related issues are:

  • #3567 autolock DVR when motion alarm is fired
  • #3568 SQL cluster api for passing motion events

Also there are technical changes related to video playback, desync issues:

  • #2715 read MPEG-TS with lack of PTS/DTS in audio
  • #3024 remove mpegts desync on streams with audio PES PTS jumping back
  • #3313 enhance support for mpegts without DTS and PTS and with H264 pic timing
  • #3599 remove memory leak on mpegts with broken PMT
  • #3608 force transcoder to set fps as on original stream

We have added good constant bitrate UDP push, you can feed your DVBC with it:

  • #3536 CBR UDP push: push udp://

and more other features:

  • #1937 enhance support for small files on playlist
  • #1988 smooth playback of playlist with files via RTSP
  • #2760 support for Guardant USB license keys
  • #2778 remove double reading of first RTSP segment
  • #3517 video.js as a basis for new embed player
  • #3520 Switcher Studio Pro RTMP publishing support
  • #3531 [UI] now waits for 12 seconds for delay on HLS sources
  • #3534 enhance detection of available protocols in embed
  • #3535 dont lose tokens in very multivideo HDS bootstraps
  • #3556 /opt/flussonic/wwwroot/flu/embed-logo.png for adding logo to embed
  • #3559 now IPTV plugin automatically enable protection for streams
  • #3560 fixes in IPTV plugin auth
  • #3562 Makito RTSP encoder support
  • #3570 max_sessions per user in IPTV plugin
  • #3600 adding EXT-X-REPEAT to playlists with EXT-X-UTC
  • #3602 fallback for win32 and e2k arch in pulse collector
  • #3604 better handling mp4 exported from dvr
  • #3624 send stream.source_lost when stream has dead source