Version 4.5.1 with DRM

January 3, 2016

Flussonic 4.5.1

We have released 4.5.1

DVR indication error is fixed, Conax DRM added.

We’ve split Flussonic into two packages: flussonic and flussonic-erlang.If you are using Debian/Ubuntu, everything will be handled automatically.If you are using rpm based distribution, install flussonic-erlang by hands.

We’ve changed mechanism of AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES DRM. Now Flussonic is working with stream DRMin the same way as with file DRM. Earlier you have to provision new key from your middleware,now Flussonic will ask periodically your server.

Read DRM manual

We have changed Database structure in Flussonic Watcher (VSaaS)Now it is using Flussonic SQL API, so you will have to migrate.

Backup your vsaas.db and flussonic.con before running migration.

cd /opt/flussonic/etc/init.d/flussonic stopcp priv/vsaas.db priv/vsaas.db.bkpcp /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf.bkp/etc/init.d/flussonic start./contrib/db_migrate.erl

You will see migration log:

root@streamer1:/opt/flussonic# ./contrib/db_migrate.erl MIGRATION[MIGRATION] user_cameras[MIGRATION] user_cameras: renamed to user_cameras_old[MIGRATION] user_cameras: dropped index user_camera[MIGRATION] user_cameras: data mapping…[MIGRATION] user_cameras: data mapping done[MIGRATION] user_cameras: new table[MIGRATION] user_cameras: index creation[MIGRATION] user_cameras: adding data[MIGRATION] group_cameras[MIGRATION] group_cameras: renamed to group_cameras_old[MIGRATION] group_cameras: dropped index group_camera[MIGRATION] group_cameras: data mapping…[MIGRATION] group_cameras: data mapping done[MIGRATION] group_cameras: new table[MIGRATION] group_cameras: index creation[MIGRATION] group_cameras: adding data[MIGRATION] updating stream metadata[MIGRATION] updating «“d4d1d2db-f4f7-4def-a99a-0b3644c110cb”>>[MIGRATION] updating «“9208c9ea-a9c6-4068-a3cc-947643e17633”>>[MIGRATION] updating «“aefbfc18-5829-44ea-9fe7-0b6b6a969a8e”>>[MIGRATION] updating «“7077f456-0938-4823-8f31-d7280325349d”>>[MIGRATION] user_cameras: renamed to user_cameras_oldok

now it is ok.

Next incompatible change is with multiple sources. If stream source is down and second source is activated,Flussonic will check periodically first source (or first sources) and will try to switch to it.