Flussonic Media Server 21.08

August 5, 2021

Flussonic Media Server 21.08 has been released.

Flussonic Media Server

It is no longer necessary to install an IPTV plug-in for load balancing – the Flussonic balancer is fully responsible for this balancing.

The HDS (old flash streaming) code moved to a slow implementation, scheduled for its removal. Consider switching from HDS to other protocols as soon as possible.

Streams management in the Flussonic user interface has become even more intuitive: now it is more in line with the logic of the video path (capture, transcode, record, protect, playback). On one page, for each stream, you can immediately see the number of video and audio tracks, on which card the stream is transcoded, and if the DVR system, authorization, and DRM, etc. are enabled or not.

We added settings to capture the signal from the 36°E satellite and others like it.

Flussonic now supports ingesting ASI from the DekTec PCIe capture card.

We’ve improved SRT capture, playback, and publishing (for example, you can receive different SRT streams from the same source, thanks to the ability to specify separate ports for playback and publishing of each stream).

Check the full list of improvements and fixes in the link below and update your servers as soon as possible to enjoy the new features!

What’s New

  • #7265 (new) (Flussonic) Added RPM build to CI pipeline.
  • #7944 (new) (Flussonic) WebRTC now is working on Amazon S3 and other virtual hostings that are using full-cone NAT with 1:1 port mapping to gray IP.
  • #11738 (new) (Flussonic) HDS (old flash streaming) code changed to slow implementation, scheduled for removal.
  • #12077 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic supports CentOS 8 now.
  • #14640 (improved) (Flussonic UI) Language and subtitles are now displayed for TS and MP4 files as well as for MPEG-TS streams.
  • #14942 (new) (Flussonic) Moving load balancer from IPTV plugin to Flussonic.
  • #16131 (improved) (Flussonic) Enhanced handling of SDI teletext signal loss.
  • #16270 (new) (Flussonic) Added support of the “emergency button” for the sources.
  • #16831 (new) (Flussonic) Added new tuning parameters: heterodyne frequency (int_freq) and continuous tone (high_band) to capture DVB-S signal from 36E satellite.
  • #17184 (new) (Flussonic) Special flag (“dvr”: false|true) added for the purposes of defining DVR session and distinguishing it from live, when requesting a list of open sessions for a specific stream through API.
  • #17324 (new) (Flussonic) Added SRT protocol support to ffmpeg, packaged with Flussonic.
  • #17327 (new) (Flussonic) Added new load balancing modes: usage, number of clients, output bitrate.
  • #17381 (new) (Cloud) Flussonic is available for test in DigitalOcean Marketplace.
  • #17660 (new) (MSE-LD Player) Disabled player controls constantly overlaying during the stream playback on mobile devices.
  • #17703 (new) (Catena) Packages API.
  • #17820 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic supports ASI ingest from DekTec PCIe capture card.
  • #17838 (new) (Flussonic) You can set multiple publishing locations within one publishing point using templates.
  • #18025 (new) (Flussonic) Removed obsolete cdnproxy option from config file.
  • #18055 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic can ingest, publish and play SRT streams.
  • #18413 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic can push SRT streams to other servers.
  • #18479 (new) (Flussonic UI) Added EPG upload through Flussonic UI in transponder settings.

Issues Resolved

  • #4591 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed reading RTSP from broken cameras, that do not send SPS in SDP.* #4591 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed reading RTSP from broken cameras, that do not send SPS in SDP.
  • #14708 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with hyper-threading affecting transcoder performance monitoring.
  • #15069 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with DVR archive cleanup mechanism so that now it works properly and removes files that are stored longer than the depth of the archive.
  • #15721 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with redirecting in backend authorization, returning HTTP 404 Not found instead of HTTP 302 Found.
  • #16095 (fixed) (Flussonic Admin UI) Fixed configuration error after updating configuration for a group of streams sourced from playlist://.
  • #16591 (fixed) (Flussonic) Adding some workarounds for Blackmagic bug that happens after a week of work.
  • #16615 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with requesting archive fragments in case at least one m4f source is unavailable.
  • #17022 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Always show save button in transponder.
  • #17165 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed lua crypto.aes_ctr_encrypt call.
  • #17187 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Show back transmitted information in clients tab.
  • #17188 (fixed) (Flussonic) Deny token "" now will disable also requests without token at all.
  • #17232 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Fixed issue with setting push rtmps:// in Flussonic UI.
  • #17301 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with capturing HDMI from Decklink cards.
  • #17302 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with ingesting (capturing) HDMI signal using Magewell ProCapture HDMI card.
  • #17387 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with redirecting to admin_https when logging in over admin_http.
  • #17412 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed HTTP 500 error while requesting DASH stream with period=mono option enabled for a DVR playback.
  • #17944 (fixed) (Flussonic Admin UI) Fixed issue with empty EPG section of a stream with global “auth” option enabled in config.
  • #17966 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed minor bugs in maintenance mode without activated license.
  • #17967 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed ssh-agent startup bug.
  • #17981 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with Flussonic server not starting with broken license key file.
  • #18058 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with M4F output if one M4F source is unavailable.
  • #18061 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed Flussonic compatibility with CentOS 7, but Flussonic’s functionality is limited.
  • #18146 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed online activation of USB dongle licenses.
  • #18152 (fixed) (Flussonic) Erlang updated to version due to a critical performance issue in rare conditions.
  • #18233 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Ability to change URL decklink:// at page with stream settings.
  • #18245 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) It’s possible to setup decklink:// and aja:// as URL for Push.
  • #18248 (fixed) (Flussonic) Workaround for OOM issue, introduced by changing to Erlang 24.
  • #18307 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with high latency on LL-HLS playback. Added chunk_duration (in ms) parameter to manage LL-HLS playback.
  • #18368 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issues with passing SCTE35 markers through transponder.
  • #18370 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Allow to specify SCTE35 pid in transponder configuration.
  • #18390 (fixed) (Flussonic Coder) Fixed issue that prevented transcoding modules from booting.
  • #18439 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed algorithm that calculates the output bitrate of a muxer.
  • #18448 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed invalid video frame size signalling in MPTS MPEG-TS.
  • #18066 (fixed) (Flussonic) Enhanced retroview connection of server with USB dongles.
  • #18106 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed issue with pre-roll. It is now available for usage.
  • #18492 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed public Docker Hub image.
  • #18586 (fixed) (Flussonic) Workaround for broken tls handling in Flussonic v21.04-21.06.

Documentation updates