Flussonic Media Server 20.11

November 2, 2020

Flussonic Media Server 20.11 has been released.

Reading teletext from VBI, reading SCTE-104 markers from VBI, the support for sending extensive EPG data to MPTS, real-time statistics in media_info, using IV for aes128, more features can be configured using the UI (such as transponder options).

What’s New

Flussonic Media Server

  • #11200 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic now calculates the average number of B-frames and the average GOP size in H.264 streams in real time. Knowing these figures, you can estimate if a certain player would be able to play such a stream. The statistics can be obtained via the API ‘media_info’ (look for ‘bframes’ and ‘gop_size’). To turn off the statistics, add the environment variable STREAMER_MEDIA_INFO_STATS_DISABLED=true. Learn more
  • #12127 (new) (Flussonic) The embed.html player now works with the Dynafile plugin.
  • #12178 (new) (Сoder) Network interfaces (input0, input1, …) were renamed.
  • #12221 (new) (Flussonic) The query string parameter ‘filter=tracks:’ was renamed to ‘filter.tracks=’. The old variant is also supported.
  • #12348 (new) (Flussonic UI) MPTS output settings can now be specified in the UI. Learn more
  • #12539 (new) (Flussonic UI) Subtitle settings were added to the Output tab of stream settings.
  • #13038 (new) (Flussonic UI) Now you can upload SSL certificates via the Flussonic UI. Learn more
  • #13441 (new) (Flussonic) Reading SCTE-104 markers in the VBI format from Decklink capture cards and passing them as SCTE-35 to MPEG-TS and HLS output. To turn on the feature, use the STREAMER_VANC_OFF environmental variable. Learn more
  • #13646 (new) (Flussonic) Strict type checks for all events coming out of Flussonic were added as part of the new JSON schema introduction.
  • #13807 (new) (Flussonic) In case of a large amount of EPG data, Flussonic can use the new option ‘max_bitrate’ in the EIT settings that allows a higher bitrate so that more data could be sent with output MPTS and not be cut out. Learn more
  • #13837 (new) (Flussonic) Flussonic reads teletext from VBI of streams ingested from Decklink ans Streamlabs SDI cards, and retransmits it to MPTS or SPTS streams. Learn more
  • #13839 (new) (Flussonic) The response time for all requests to DVR are now logged to analyze the performance of NFS.
  • #13860 (new) (Flussonic) Fault tolerance of the Flussonic license server was enhanced.
  • #13989 (new) (Flussonic) The prototype of a centralized log collection service.
  • #14001 (enhancement) (Flussonic) cluster interconnection will skip validation of peer configuration to allow speaking flussonics of different versions
  • #14020 (new) (Flussonic) Configuration of teletext ingest from VBI was changed: it uses the single option ‘ttxt_descriptors’ now and hexadecimal page numbers must start with the 0x prefix, for example, ‘ttxt_descriptors=0x100:rus:initial,0x888:rus:subtitle’.
  • #14160 (enhancement) (Flussonic) will put more logging about changes from config_remote
  • #9162 (improved) (Flussonic) The frameRate attribute was added to Representation of our DASH manifest.
  • #13711 (improved) (Flussonic) More strict parsing of the Flussonic configuration, which helps reduce various issues.
  • #13911 (improved) (Flussonic UI) The configuration editor is now more informative: it has better indication of invalid configuration and shows various messages about the configuration status.

Flussonic Coder

  • #13558 (new) (Сoder) The support for the Intel 550-T2 adapter.
  • #13571 (new) (Сoder) The Chassis page now shows the number of channels processed on each transcoder.


  • #12022 (new) (Catena) You can edit the HTTP port via the environmental variable PORT as an alternative to editing it in the configuration file. First run ‘systemctl edit catena’, then add the line Environment=PORT=<PORT NUMBER> to the ‘[Service]’ section, save the file and restart the service.
  • #13704 (new) (Catena) Log messages are stored in a separate file now.

Issues Resolved

Flussonic Media Server

  • #12468 (fixed) (Flussonic) Flussonic accepts RTMP from the nginx-rtmp-module successfully now, making it possible to publish video from external CDNs.
  • #12858 (fixed) (Flussonic) Refactoring of media_info_stats was done. Bitrate oscillation no longer affects the stream’s ‘media_info’.
  • #13030 (fixed) (Flussonic) Ingesting video received via UDP with the interface name specified now works correctly.
  • #13212 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) The option Deinterlace in the transcoder settings now has a correct value that represents the options ‘deinterlace’ and ‘deinterlace_rate’ in the configuration file. Learn more
  • #13312 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) The ‘HLS segments buffer’ box now always appears in the UI for ‘hlss://’ sources.
  • #13469 (fixed) (Flussonic) Live and DVR with AES-128 protection can now be played on Samsung devices with OS Tizen 5. Our AES-128 implementation now complys with RFCA. Also, a new DRM option was added - hls_ext_x_key_iv=false. Learn more
  • #13477 (fixed) (Flussonic) Flussonic now generates HLS segments of a correct length when there is publishing via M4S.
  • #13508 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Improved syntax checking in the Configuration Editor.
  • #13539 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) The buttons Logout and Config Editor on the maintenance page no longer disappear after license deletion.
  • #13543 (fixed) (Flussonic) Flussonic no longer fails to deliver a stream to more than a dozen thousand users.
  • #13582 (fixed) (Flussonic) HLS segments generating process was optimized to boost performance.
  • #13592 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Streams multi-editing when filters are used was improved, only the filtered streams receive changes now.
  • #13640 (fixed) (Flussonic) The Sentry issue ‘badarith,[{events_sentry,pop_event’ was resolved.
  • #13650 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) When scrolling the Config Edit box, the error “Cannot set property ‘scrollTop’ of null” no longer occurs.
  • #13651 (fixed) (Flussonic) Minor fixes in the configuration according to the new type specification.
  • #13731 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed SSH-agent timeout on connection.
  • #13745 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) The links to a stream on the Overview page are correct now for streams with a slash in the stream name.
  • #13904 (fixed) (Flussonic) The initial Flussonic installation now has the default PulseDB path turned on.
  • #13909 (fixed) (Flussonic) The message ‘Loading config’ no longer appears in the UI instead of the list of streams.
  • #13916 (fixed) (Flussonic) Flussonic no longer stops transcoding if the stream was initially configured without transcoding and then updated without restart.
  • #13929 (fixed) (Flussonic) Fixed ‘ts_stream_id’ and ‘original_network_id’ in EIT.
  • #13933 (fixed) (Flussonic) The error ‘Error undef while trying to update DVR info’, which appeared in recent versions, was fixed.
  • #13952 (fixed) (Flussonic) In some cases, if DHCP was used on inputN video interfaces, their IP address changed too often, causing inconvenience.
  • #13961 (fixed) (Flussonic) The issue of v20.10 was fixed: the DVR RAID writes camera archives in the correct folder now.
  • #14026 (fixed) (Flussonic) When enabling the transcoder, the default values of some fields were erroneously included into the configuration, which caused ‘Server response takes too long’ errors.
  • #14064 (fixed) (Flussonic) Now several programs and several PIDs can be specified for MPEG-TS sources.
  • #14134 (fixed) (Flussonic UI) Streams with the Disabled status are now shown.
  • #14177 (fixed) (Flussonic) Newly created streams are Static now.

Flussonic Coder

  • #12606 (fixed) (Сoder) Coder now provides better quality of output video with CBR by eliminating artifacts on dynamic scenes.
  • #13514 (fixed) (Сoder) The message about transcoders being loaded instead of ‘No transcoders available’ is shown now.
  • #13066 (fixed) (Coder) The maintenance page now allows editing the Chassis configuration.
  • #13605 (fixed) (Сoder) Better error processing.
  • #13808 (fixed) (Сoder) The ‘gop’ parameter is now processed correctly.
  • #13836 (fixed) (Сoder) The server no longer stops responding with a lot of log messages ‘Entry has been uploaded’.
  • #13914 (fixed) (Сoder) Width and height deletion is now processed correctly.
  • #14107 (improved) (Сoder) User configuration files backing up and restoration is now possible via the API /chassis/backup. The following files are included into the backup: /etc/systemd/network/.network, /etc/chassis/ , /etc/flussonic/*, /etc/hostname.

The player

  • #4754 (fixed) (Player) The query string parameter ‘play_duration’ (specifying after how many seconds the player must stop playing) is supported by the Flussonic player. The parameter can be used to save traffic. Example: “http://FLUSSONIC-IP:8080/STREAM_NAME/embed.html?dvr=true&from=1509689414&play_duration=10”
  • #8930 (fixed) (Player) The DVR player supports manually specifying the time interval for export to MP4.
  • #10355 (fixed) (Player) The old track was played in the WebRTC player after stopping playback and changing the track being played.
  • #13461 (fixed) (Player) Fast seeking by pressing the arrow keys was added to the DVR player.
  • #13482 (fixed) (Player) The websocket connection is now closed correctly after the live player was stopped (closed).
  • #13526 (fixed) (Player) If the live stream was paused for longer than 10 seconds, the player then resumes playing in DVR mode.
  • #13792 (fixed) (Player) It was impossible to manually set a track via ‘setTracks’ if no handler was assigned for ‘onMediaInfo’.


  • #9575 (fixed) (Catena) The issue with OpenSSL was fixed.
  • #10356 (fixed) (Catena) Password validation was added for updated passwords.
  • #13682 (fixed) (Catena) Catena did not start after being updated.
  • #11067 (fixed) (Catena) The stream that you delete is now removed from all streamers and then from Catena.
  • #14079 (fixed) (Catena) The appearance of the Pipelines page was improved.
  • #14090 (fixed) (Catena) Using Flussonic RAID as a storage path for a pipeline was fixed.
  • #14103 (fixed) (Catena) The server playlist playlist.m3u is now requested successfully.
  • #14176 (fixed) (Catena) Password updating was fixed.