Flussonic version 20.01

February 14, 2020

Flussonic Media Server 20.01 was released.

Flussonic Media Server

What’s New

Flussonic Media Server

  • #6300 (new) [Flussonic] Teletext subtitles are now converted into WebVTT subtitles. Learn more
  • #8655 (new) [Coder] Added anamorph transcoding
  • #9444 (new) [Flussonic] Improved management of source switching in live streams (including published streams): the option ‘backup’ in stream settings allows to either write a stream to archive or promptly switch to a backup source if the incoming stream stops. Learn more
  • #9561 (new) [Flussonic UI] Now you can find the Flussonic raw config editor in Config -> Config editor tab.
  • #9748 (new) [Flussonic] Added `/streamname(archive=unixtime-duration).isml/manifest` and `/streamname(rewind=duration).isml/manifest` URLs for playing the archive with Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol.
  • #9938 (new) [Flussonic UI] The streams multi-editing feature has been added that allows changing the settings of several streams at once.
  • #9957 (new) [Flussonic] Now the installation package is multi-architectural, with the support for ARM64 and AMD64.
  • #10010 (new) [Flussonic] If Flussonic is unable to start, for example, due to an invalid license key, the error message is now displayed in the UI.
  • #10114 (new) [Flussonic UI] Flussonic admin now has an interface to setup a logo to be displayed in embed.html.
  • #10247 (new) [Player] Player has new option `panzoom` which can be used for turning the zoom on and off.
  • #8650 (enhanced) [Flussonic] HLS encoding is improved and much faster now.
  • #9404 (enhanced) [Flussonic] Now MSE-LD autocloses sockets that are paused for more than 20 seconds.
  • #10276 (enhanced) [Flussonic] The Flussonic’s cache subsystem does not cache segments which are downloaded by DVR replication mechanism.
  • #10484 (enhanced) [Flussonic] Now startup error messages will signal about non-installed supplemental packages.

Issues Resolved

Flussonic Media Server

  • #4743 (fixed) [Player] DVR player (embed.html?dvr=true) now works in iOS Safari.
  • #4946 (fixed) [Flussonic] Mosaic URL now accepts `local=false` as parameter which is used to run mosaic as an internal process.
  • #6430 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixing JavaScript issues with playing a stream named “1”.
  • #7198 (fixed) [Flussonic] Overflow of a disk used for cache was fixed.
  • #7459 (fixed) [Flussonic] In some cases there was a heavy CPU load, which was fixed.
  • #7520 (fixed) [Flussonic] Flussonic ensures that ondemand MPEG-TS sends both video and audio.
  • #7787 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] In certain cases, the UI failed to delete DRM parameters.
  • #9104 (fixed) [Flussonic] For some digital cameras there was a green patch over the preview and archived video, which is fixed.
  • #9210 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed RTSP video receiving if there is no picture dimensions in `sprop-parameter-sets` SDP.
  • #9518 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the situation with broken transcoder when the `acodec` parameter was set to `ac3`.
  • #9570 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the missing bandwidth in representation id when retrieving DASH DVR. Some video players couldn’t have been able to play such content.
  • #9682 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the situation when the local archive was not cleaned if it is disabled for a stream.
  • #9778 (fixed) [Flussonic] The part of archive could have been broken if there was a significant latency of data in the stream.
  • #9846 (fixed) [Coder] Removed hanging transcoder after 30 hours of work
  • #9899 (fixed) [Player] WebRTC player in Safari now doesn’t ask for camera and microphone access.
  • #9913 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Fixed the config backup and restore.
  • #9941 (fixed) [Flussonic] In some cases the export of MP4 archive was interrupted in the middle of the download process.
  • #9952 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the lack of `pushes` field in `/flussonic/api/media` API call.
  • #10006 (fixed) [Player] Fixed the embed.html & mse player to be able to play `fake` stream on iOS mobile devices.
  • #10009 (fixed) [Flussonic] Some DASH players failed when there were no expected subtitles in input stream for a long period of time.
  • #10034 (fixed) [Player] Now the player controls are shown when tapping on the phone screen.
  • #10112 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Fixed the possibility to change segment count for stream.
  • #10113 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the problem when playing multi-bitrate stream via `video.m3u8` that did not contain dvb-subtitles.
  • #10121 (fixed) [Player] Fixed the issue of DVR player when there is a zoom instead of fullscreen on double click.
  • #10211 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Admin crash fixed when `auth` was set to `true` for stream.
  • #10258 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed the issue when DVR over HLS through restreamer did not work.
  • #10267 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Admin crash fixed when there were no rtsp or rtmp ports in Flussonic config.
  • #10279 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Fixed an issue when in was not possible to edit Flussonic network ports.
  • #10318 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Fixed when it was not possible to erase all the characters in stream’s Auth -> Allowed domains entry.
  • #10348 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Global DVR preferences can now be setup from admin due to fixed issue with controls.
  • #10349 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Some URLs in Flussonic admin system were fixed.
  • #10350 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Now it is possible to edit allowed domains in Location and/or Vod pages.
  • #10387 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Fixed `online`, `waiting`, `error`, `with DVR` and `transcoded` streams filters, which can be found on the main page.
  • #10417 (fixed) [Flussonic] Fixed issue with qsv transcoder when `fps` parameter was specified in transcoder string.
  • #10430 (fixed) [Flussonic] After switching stream from non-transcoded to transcoded, failed to show preview.mp4. It is fixed now.
  • #10440 (fixed) [Flussonic] Enable back CI elbrus e2k builds
  • #10455 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Now it is possible to edit a HTTPS port
  • #10460 (fixed) [Flussonic] The Content-Disposition header is sent on MPEG-TS DVR downloading
  • #10482 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Player popup is back visible on main page
  • #10497 (fixed) [Flussonic UI] Stream search back working on main page.