Flussonic features shortlist

Flussonic Watcher features

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  • TV channels from satellite
  • IP cameras support
  • HDMI/SDI capture cards
  • Republishing between servers
  • H264, H265, MPEG-2 support
  • Server side playlists
  • Shoutcast radio support
  • Up to 1600 streams on single server
  • Failover sources for a stream
  • H264, H265, MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-2 Audio, AAC, AC3, MP3, G711a/u
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  • CPU based transcoding
  • Intel QuickSync support
  • NVIDIA NVENC support
  • Multibitrate output
  • Failover configuration
  • Stream thumbnails
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  • search and control cameras via Onvif and other protocols
  • using maps from different vendors
  • server clustering for rapidly growing services
  • manage users groups, use authorization by Radius-server and control access to archives and cameras
  • access from mobile devices is possible both via browser and via mobile applications
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  • Accounting sessions on all protocols
  • simple integration with any website
  • connection limit per single user
  • Geo-lock, hotlink protection
  • Multiple auth backend support
  • Accounting session statistics
  • DRM support
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  • Multilanguage multibitrate video archive with metadata
  • EPG based DVR access
  • Timeshift from DVR
  • MPEG-TS, HLS, HDS, RTSP, RTMP access to DVR
  • screenshots recording
  • DVR exporting
  • automatic DVR cleanup
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  • streaming from mp4 and flv files
  • RTMP, HLS, HDS, DASH, RTSP delivery
  • Multibitrate and multilanguage mp4 streaming
  • Support for HTTP storages like http server, Amazon S3, Swift
  • SSD media caching
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  • cluster support when one server is not enough
  • failover protected cluster ingest
  • mirroring streams from origin to edges
  • multi-source edges
  • DVR replication
  • multi-server cached VOD streaming
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  • Web access to all features
  • Configuration from browser
  • Access to statistics
  • Monitoring
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  • Full control over server via HTTP
  • realtime event feed via HTTP
  • external HTTP backend authorization
  • monitoring HTTP
  • SQL access to history
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Solutions for video surveillance

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